About Us

End Credit Film Club (ECFC) is a non-profit organization that screens non-mainstream films to its members and the public. They host outdoor cinema screenings in various locations, showcase films that haven't made it to the big screen, and provide free screenings supported by the Cairns Regional Council. ECFC also tours with an inflatable outdoor cinema screen, showcasing Australian films and promoting indigenous filmmaking. They support indigenous culture and filmmakers, offer multimedia services, and provide media consultation and training.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinema screenings on the ECFC inflatable screen are enjoyed by hundreds of locals every year. Our “Starry Night Cinema” is a favourite as it is held in the Cairns Botanical Garden. Bring along a picnic and your choice of seating to enjoy a family friendly experience under the stars.

Other popular venues include Gordonvale, Trinity Park, Yarrabah, Mossman and Port Douglas. We also travel to remote areas such as Wujal Wujal, Mareeba, Chillagoe and Kowanyama where the screenings are well attended as the only cinema option available.

Unseen Cinema

ECFC in conjunction with Event Cinemas, showcases films that have not made it on the big screen. These have increased in popularity and have become a regular event for many film goers. These films are screened on Sunday afternoons at Cairns Central.

Commercial Events

Supported by Cairns Regional Council, ECFC screens 22 films per year which are provided free to the community. Furthermore, our services are utilised by the council for New Years Eve screenings on the Esplanade and music events during Festival Cairns.

ECFC in Communities

ECFC tours with our inflatable outdoor cinema screen to local, regional, and remote communities in Queensland, screening Australian films and showcasing films made in those communities. These films are originally written stories filmed in each community, with a focus on training emerging indigenous filmmakers. Our presence in indigenous communities encourages local participation in film production, engaging audiences in screen culture and fostering community capacity in film and digital storytelling. Throughout this process, we identify talent and offer training and upskilling in film industry practices, creating a talent pool for the growing screen industry in North Queensland.

What sets ECFC apart is its ability to bridge the gap between industry and community. Unlike other major film companies, ECFC actively involves community members during filming, respecting traditional knowledge and customs, and taking the community along on the journey.

With a successful history of community projects spanning over 20 years, and recent funding from Screen Queensland for the past four years, ECFC has established a strong track record of building capacity and fostering community ownership.

By adopting an open business model, ECFC leverages partnerships with complementary industry organizations to provide holistic project management and training. This approach equips the community with the necessary skills and supports the ongoing use of film as a medium.

Supporting Indigenous Culture

ECFC partners with Integrated Media Pty Ltd (IM) to provide multimedia services that support cultural heritage, cultural tourism and marketing, cultural practice and story-telling. Our services are well utilised by many organisations to create significant event documentation and have been successfully used during negotiations of key stakeholders.

We also support community groups, organisations and aboriginal corporations to develop their media skills and commercial profile using film and media.

Supporting Indigenous Filmmakers

Through the services of IM, ECFC has been supporting local Indigenous filmmakers to achieve their goals. We provide assistance in all aspects including: script break-down, shooting schedule, cast engagement, editing & post-production, etc.

Media Consultation

ECFC works in partnership with Integrated Media (IM) as a Media Consultation provider to support local partners in Cairns and Far North Queensland. We provide on the job training, using a train-the-trainer model to teach all aspects of filmmaking and media. Our services include everything from pre to post production and distribution, with a focus on using film as a tool for all kinds of industry purposes.